Viral Marketing – “Dimitri the Stud”

29 06 2008

This is hilarious. It originally went around as a real message some guy left a girl he met in S.F. However, a bunch of bloggers are saying it’s a viral marketing campaign. It will be interesting to see if it actually is and who is behind it.


Viral Marketing – “Ball Girl”

29 06 2008

A few newspapers have published stories about this viral marketing campaign, which was supposed to be scrapped. Apparently, Gatorade (or Pepsi) dropped the company who made the ad because they were dissatisfied with the work, but the ad was leaked online and became a big hit.

The ad was suppose to be aired on T.V., so I wonder if it would have had the same impact as it has had online if it were merely a television ad. I wonder if being online drives more interest to an ad. The thing is, when it’s online, people don’t necessarily know it’s a fake campaign. So perhaps that fact increases interest – the possibility that it might be a real video.

Here is a recent story from the Chicago Tribune

BMW, Audi, Subaru, Bentley Ad War

20 06 2008

This series of ads is another testament to BMW’s creativity. Although all the ads together really make it funny, BMW should be credited for pushing the envelope once again. BTW, it’s a magazine ad from a couple of years ago.





I love it.

Viral Marketing

20 06 2008

A new category: Viral Marketing

This series will feature, critique and solicit comments on various viral marketing campaigns I come across. Lately, I’ve become more and more intrigued about how companies and organizations use the technique and the metrics used to determine the campaigns’ successes and failures.



The Ramp

The first two campaign in this series are BMW’s “The Ramp” and Paltalk’s (video chat community) campaign that allows people to integrate a name into a video.

The latter is pretty creative and apparently a big hit. I personally sent it to about a dozen of my friends. BMW’s “Mockumentary” is unique, but it’s 30 minutes. The Wall Street Journal wrote a pretty good story about BMW’s campaign, as well as the risks involved when launching a campaign that essentially misleads target audiences.

As a viral marketing campaign, I think Paltalk’s is more effective because it integrates people into the process. Although I don’t necessarily think that that component will make or break a campaign, it doesn’t hurt to have people involved to increase interest and prompt the campaign’s distribution, which is the ultimate goal of such a campaign.

If you want to send out Paltalk’s campaign and trick your friends, you can either watch the link above — the form will appear at the end — or just click here 🙂

Social-networking (a shameless promotion)

20 06 2008

After reading a post from one of my favorite blogs, Web Strategy by Jeremiah, I decided to create a couple of social-networking sites.

I started DCLeagues and CyclistsUSA so feel free to become a member or forward the URL to anyone you might know that either lives in Washington, D.C., or likes to bike.

They’re both under construction, but I’m going to start blogging about the trials and tribulations of starting such networks. It should be an interested journey and a great learning experience! If you have or are thinking of creating a social-network, feel free to comment or impart some advice/wisdom.

Steve Jobs

12 06 2008

I just watched this documentary on YouTube–It’s pretty good. It covers his rise and subsequent firing at Apple; Bill Gates and Microsoft (with a great quote); and other interesting tidbits. I think it was produced in the late ’80s, so you can still sense his resentment.

Part 1

Part 2

And for the sake of balance, here is Jobs and Gates together at the All Things Digital 5 conference in 2007.

iPhone 3G

11 06 2008

Pretty impressive. Although the actual plan is a little more expensive than that of the Edge, it all evens out in the end (with the reduced base cost). The iPhone application store is also pretty awesome.

I think it’s time I changed providers.

Here are a couple of articles about the 3G’s specs and controversy: