Cool Apple ad (Mac and PC guys) in

10 09 2008

Apple has an ad in today that utilizes the banner as well as the top right section of the site. It’s the usual Mac and PC guys. PC is inserting his op-ed into the Times site, it’s pretty funny and a creative ad, albeit really really expensive. But probably a lot cheaper than a 30 spot during prime time.

The ad itself is not at all obnoxious (the visitor has the option to turn on the sound), but the video streams regardless. I like how Apple has taken their huge ad campaign and geared it specifically for the Times (or other newspaper web sites).


Palin’s Vetting Documents from ’06

6 09 2008

I grabbed this from the blog Mudflats. This is the document the Dems in Alaska produced after vetting her before she took the Gov’s office. Although not groundbreaking, it is pretty interesting.

Check it out.

Palin vetted.

Putin Tranquilizes Tiger — Good PR or Russia’s Heman?

6 09 2008

According to NPR, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was out with with some wildlife specialists and a camera crew (to document, umm, them walking in the forest?) to check out a tiger that was trapped by the specialists. The tiger escaped and Putin, being the man he is, grabbed a tranquilizer gun and shot and sedated the tiger before it attacked the crew.

Haha, I find it really hard to believe that this wasn’t planned .. very hard to believe.

Tropical Storm Hanna in DC :(

5 09 2008

Well, Hanna is on track to mess up my weekend 😦 I guess there will be no grilling on Saturday. For those of you who might be affected by the storm,, good luck. I hope it doesn’t strengthen!

Barack Obama at Invesco Stadium (+ video)

31 08 2008

Obama’s speech at Invesco really tied up the DNC very well. It was an incredible crowd and great speech from Obama.

Floor pass

Ann Curry -- What a woman ;)

Ann Curry -- What a woman 😉

The Man's podium

The Man's podium



Look, it's Toby Ziegler

Look, it's Toby Ziegler

My little video

Barack’s speech

DNC Week!

31 08 2008

What a week! Although I’m glad to be back in D.C. (minus the humidity), I’m really thankful that I was able to participate in and experience such an historic event. My liver probably wishes I didn’t go, but man was it worth it. Here are some of the highlights of the week as promised:

The Tent: Blogger HQ

Global Poverty Forum:

Global Poverty Forum

Global Poverty Forum

Back of Ben Afflecks head

Back of Ben Affleck's head


Antiabortion Protest
Antiabortion Protest
Re-create 68
Re-create ’68

Re-create 68 crowd

Re-create '68 crowd

Global AIDS Alliance luncheon:

Danny Glover
Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN)
Sen. Barbara Boxer
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Cali.)
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Cali.)

DNC — Day 2

26 08 2008

The Democratic National Convention has been great so far! Been meeting and running into random Reps. and Sens. (and Danny Glover). I’m taking the day off from the Convention and going up (or down, I’m not sure) to Fort Collins. Fat Tire Brewery, I can’t wait! I’ll throw up some pics soon.